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Physical Fascination

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Brandon Bishop Is Back!



Brandon  Bishop

In the wake of an absence from the ring, Physical Fascination, Brandon Bishop, explores the origins of his passion for this masachistic ballet we call pro wrestling.

It's seductive powers exist because it fills a permanent void that has been left from Bishop's childhood. Most being left untold and having never been good enough in other people's eyes, Brandon decided a long time ago to make himself better than everyone else. With brutal ambition, Bishop developed a breathtaking scope of physicality.

Now in a comeback forged in anger and fueled by vengeance, the Physical Fascination vows to be better than ever in his continuing saga. Bishop will travel the world seeking the means to fight all that stand before him in an attempt to quench his insatiable thirst for recognition.

Unleashed will be the new Physical Fascination, an up-armored man of muscle who uses sleek strength, a vascular intellect, and intimidation to fight the forces that threaten him.

Coming to an arena near you.

All succumb to the Physical Fascination!!!